Mc Remzi drops new album

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

MC Remzi, the ‘Jena de kab’ singer has released his rap album titled “I am who am” ready to fix Juba’s rap music industry.

I am who I am album unleashes the beast in Mc Remzi, as he claims he is fixing South Sudanese rap music that he believes is on the brink of collapse.

At 18 years old, Mc Remzi, a final year secondary student of literature revealed that rap music is about creating awareness and educating the country about what is going.

As one who sings about love, peace and hard work, Mc Remzi claimed that the future of rap music is going down the drain in the country.

“I am who I am explains all about rap music and encourages all rappers in Juba to discover who they are and what kind of music suits them. Rap music is not about women and drugs, it is about preaching the message of positivity in the community,” said MC Remzi.

South Sudan is blessed with thousands rappers both upcoming and established ones and they both have reasons why they joined the game but MC Remzi said majority are going off track.

“Yes we have many rappers but where are they? Rap music is for the smart ones because you have to write your lyrics and make them flow, observe the problem in the community and educate the people through music,” MC Remzi.

MC Remzi said through Rap music fans should be given happiness, love, vision and peace and not hate.

The album has songs like anit no know, baby bugga boo, Amani, why and excuse me.

MC Remzi is the song writer, composer and rapper whose music rotates around the day to day lives of the youth in the country.

2017 was the year Mc Remzi rose to the music industry with his Jena de kab single which drove the generation of rap music lovers insane in Juba.

At 18 Mc Remzi music is shaping his fellow youth to the right path of life and he hopes to go international by 2022.

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