Mayor’s operations unearthed witches den

By Bida Elly David

Juba City Council over the weekend  caught two witches in Gudele block nine in an act during a general inspection carried out over illegal practices in the town.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Yesterday,  The Major of Juba City, kalisto Ladu said that they carried out a general inspection in Juba city on illegal activities that are against city the by-laws.

 This came after an approval given to them by the chief Justice Chan Reech Madut on public order.

“ The inspection carried out in the city covered  several areas includings prostitution in lodges,  illegal business  activities carried out along the roads , witchcraft, drug abuse, illegal driving without licenses in the city as well as robbery involving Toronto boys,” Kalisto said.

He added that during the general operation over the weekend , two houses were found in Gudele block Nine and two witches werec aught engaging in act of witchcraft along with some naked women  smoking with the intention of winning trust of rich husbands, getting rich, and wanting to gain popularity in  town.

He reiterated that, photos of victimized people, chicken blood, needles put on photos, knife and other equipments were found during the operation.

The arrested suspects were brought to Malakia police station awaiting prosecution forviolation  the laws.

“We caught two witches along with their customers who were all women in their operation rooms. There were photos with needles, snail cells, knives, chicken blood in plates in the operation rooms.” He said.

He added that such practices are against the lives of people and the commandments of God and the results of such practices is death

Furthermore, he warned drug consumers including marungi, opium, alcohol and marijuana to refrain from practices that harm human health and advised them to obey the by-laws of the city. He concluded that, any citizen caught carrying out activities which are in violation of  the law will be arrested and imprisoned.

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