We are relieved to learn that Juba Mayor Stephen Wani Michael has donated more than half a million SSP to thirteen counties of Jubek State. This is positive gesture from His Worship and hoped the donation will be directed to the intended use by the receiving commissioners. Each of the 13 counties, will receive 50,000 SSP for transport and other necessities. We have no doubt the mayor meant well, but the question is do the recipients mean well to service delivery. It should start with Juba town which is under attack from flies to mosquitoes and name it. The uncollected garbage in the capital city and it’s environ, are but an eyesore to members of the public. This is not the first time we are putting the City Council on notice and the press across Juba have pointed out the deteriorating situation in the capital, health hazard aside. If only the mayor was a bit thoughtful, he could have directed the donation to fueling garbage trucks and support to the collectors who are toiling and working under impossible conditions. It is not in our domain to question where or who to donate to, but our concern here is the health hazard condition, which is soon, if not already to be experienced in the Capital City. The Commissioners need support and donation just like what the mayor did, but what has been and is going to be the impact. The donation going to individuals, might be considered small in the minds of others, but outside there it can do a lot to improve the life of the common-man even if it is only a fraction. Half a million combined in one is not small or little amount of money. Its impact can be felt if properly channel amongst the medium level population.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


A particular issue was disturbing our friend and since he resumed work from self-imposed sick leave or should we call it a designed absence from duty under pretext of some sort, he was so uneasy and kept moving up and down like a wounded lion. In such situation we rarely engage him in talks until he has freed himself of his own misdoing. This where he was and we waited. It did not take long before coming to terms with our situation and he stared pouring venoms against public health institutions charged with providing treatments to the sick. He had been absent on a purported sick off. He had gone to a number of medical or health care institutions but could not get proper attention to lack of drugs or medicine. He could not afford treatment in private institutions since the cost was far beyond his thin closed pocket. He tried some friendly makeshift but the running stomach did no obey their orders to stop disturbing SaPT at such critical moment of his healthy life. He was thinking on how he had no choice and his fate being in the hand of his creator when a neighbor informed him of this traditional healer living in the next court. The healer’s charges were reasonable and he opted to try his luck if the traditional medicine could bring to an end his long suffering of the running tummy. The medicine man lived in iron makeshift and the first sign to hit SaPT’s eyes was the word doctor (Dr.) on a metal frame in black writing. Our friend stopped but was nagged to move on by his friend. Getting into the tinny room and seeing the composition of the so called doctor’s apparatus or tools of work. Our friend took off and cursed the day he made the decision to see this traditional herbalist or doctor as they would prefer to be called. His question, which he would like the Ministry of Health to answer is as simple as, why the mushrooming of these illegal quacks. Is the Ministry responsible aware of their existence and if so why allow them to experiment and gamble with people’s lives. And why use the honoured title of a doctor while they are not qualified for such. We told our friend to seek appointment with someone called Dr. Gai Kok and find out the truth because  for us there is a provision of traditional health care under the umbrella of World Health Organization (WHO) covering the use of traditional medicine under qualified medics but not his kind of so called doctors. WHO is specific on how to use proper traditional herbs to boost primary health care. Which is sampled here “WHO’s traditional complementary and integrative medicine of 20014-2023 was developed and launched in response to the World Health Assembly resolutions on traditional medicine. The strategy aim to support member states in developing proactive policies and implementing action plans that will strengthen the role traditional plays in keeping population healthy” not through quacks.

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