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Mayor urged to relocate those residing at cemeteries

By Yiep Joseph 

Central Equatoria state Youth Union appealed to Juba City Mayor to relocate the homeless people residing around and inside cemeteries.

While addressing the media over the weekend, Charles Lado Daniel Lado the Chairperson of Central Equatoria State youth union appealed to the city mayor to relocate those residing in cemeteries and open other conducive environment where they could be helped by the NGOs and well-wishers.

“There is one thing I would like to remind us the youth especially the government of Central Equatoria State that there are vulnerable people who are living in an unconducive environment especially group of people who are living in Hai Malakal cemetery, cemetery is meant for those who has passed on and therefore it is not a place for living” Lado explained.

“so, we call upon the authority of the county and the state to find a place so that the NGOs and well-wishers can give helping hands” he appealed. 

He called on the government to give those without homes  to settle and set up their structures.

“If given land, they can be able to make for themselves grass thatch houses or (tukuls) then they stay” he expressed.

Lado complained and called on the state government specifically the town Mayor to solve these problem.

“This kind of settlement with many homeless people does not reflect the image of the city that we are in, that is the message I wanted to give to the new mayor to look into” he stated.

Lado cautioned the state government to relocate them citing that it portrayed bad image of the city.

He called on the State government to support the youths in their activities.

“At the same place we would like also to request the government of central Equatoria state to support the work of the youth union especially the executive committee who are going to do a lot of activities without the support of the government, I do believe that we cannot do anything” he appealed.

“With support from the government, we can achieve many things together” he added.

He also requested the non-governmental to support youths’ activities in Central Equatoria state.

“I Would like also to call on the government of Central Equatoria State to think about the people at protection of civilians Side (POC) and refugees” he mentioned.

“Our people are in the refugee camps and as youth leadership, we are here by encouraging people in the POCs to come out so that we can implement the peace together, the peace has been signed long time ago and you wait and sit in the POCS ” he explained.

“So in that regards, we wanted all of them to come out so that the feel free, there is security now and I do believe that the government will provide enough security for all the people of central Equatoria and government of the republic of South Sudan” he narrated.

He urged the youths in cattle camp to shun from violent and invest in their cattle in order to get money.

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