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Mayor proposes road to be named in honor of Pope Francis

Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu

By Fatuma Asha Ali

Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu has proposed that one of the roads in the country be named after his holiness Pope Francis to honor his visit to the war-torn country.

Allah-Jabu was speaking at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum in a blessing ceremony of the altar to host his holiness Pope Francis who is expected to visit the country in July this year.

“I proposed that a road is to be named in his [Pope Francis’s] name but I don’t have the power to do that, but I will forward the written request to my Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony to look into it if he may find it really genuine for us to do that to his holiness,” Allah-Jabu

“I think he’ll present it to His Excellency the President for the blessing and we hope that name is going to be given, particularly a big road, that road is not short, it leads up to Jada bridge, it’s a wider road which is good for his holiness,” He added.

Allah-Jabu called on the citizens to get readyand receive special blessing that they would get from papal’s visit, adding that pope’s kiss on leaders’ feetis the sign of current peace.

“I propose that we have to remember what His Holiness did to our leaders when they visited Rome, he was able to kiss their feet. So, the kiss is a reflection that we are going to have blessings.” he noted

Executive Director in the office of President, James Deng Walsaid, “I came here today on behalf of His Excellency to oversee the reception of Pope Francis to south Sudan,”

He added “for this purpose, I came to grace and appreciate this ceremony for the consultant of Pope which will be used to celebrate the mass to the people of south Sudan at large by the religious leaders,”

However, Bishop of Malakal, Stephen Nyadho said that they would like to convey their sincere gratitude to the president and they are very grateful that the long-awaited visit of the Pope has finally been noticed.

 “Our president is deeply involved in and we are really happy.We would like to assure the people of south Sudan that the pope is coming!And the preparation is for everybody in all the corners of south Sudan,” Nyadho stressed.

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