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Mayor promises to expand town radius in Bor

The new Lord Mayor of Bor Municipal Council taking oath in Blue Suits, James Ghai Makhor Leek

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The newly appointed Mayor of the Bor Municipal Council promised to expand the radius of the municipality with aim of accommodating the fast-growing population by engaging the host communities with help from the legislative assembly.

James Ghai Makhor Leek, the Mayor of Bor Municipal Council said five Kilometers radius cannot accommodate the people and therefore request the support from State Legislative Assembly to engage the host communities to add more than seven (7) kilometers radius to Bor town in order to accommodate the population of people.

“Construction of suburb markets and maintaining the internal roads which may ease the transportation of goods and services in the town of Bor”. James Said

He added that access to clean drinking water will be possible as we are trying to dig some boreholes in the area affected by the flood and provide security to the residents of the Bor town

He added he will work hard to deliver the service to the people of Bor Town and promote peace among different residents in the town and support the government in the implementation of R-ARCSS.

Last month, the Governor of Jonglei State appointed James Ghai Makhor as a new Lord Mayor of Bor Municipal Council with a gubernatorial decree no: 4/2022 after the governor sacked Dr. Agot Alier Leek as the Lord Mayor of the Bor Municipal Council

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