Mayor order reduction of food prices in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

The Mayor of Rumbek Municipality Andrew Mangui Mading has issued an order for the reduction of food prices in Rumbek Lakes State.

He made the announcement during the weekend saying the order is to regulate the prices of food commodities in Rumbek market which were increased due to high rate of dollar.

“There is no need again to keep prices high while the dollar has dropped,” said Mangui.

He said all the traders are notified to adopt the prices which were existing before the shoot up of the rate of dollar.

 “All food items listed will be sold on the current prices and should be review after every seven days by the municipality council authority with effect from the 24th October 2020,” said Mangui.

Omer Mohamed a trader in Rumbek said there is no way they can reduce the price of consumable food commodities to 17, 000 SSP per 50Kg in the market while the dollar rate is still at 55,000 SSP.

“When you ask some who are selling dollar how much, they will tell you it is 55,000 SSP and if you tell them that the dollar has dropped to 35,000 SSP immediately he leaves with his dollar and go to another person,” said Mohammed.

“We also have a problem on the road because of flood and multiples taxes imposed on the traders carrying goods plus the money of blockers for uploading and offloading, and the rents of the shops,’’ said Mohammed.

He urges the government to purchase enough commodities that will enable food commodities to reduce.

 “The government is always complaining that the traders are cheating the citizen by selling commodities at higher price in the market but let one of the government agent try to pretend as a trader and buy food items from Kenya or Uganda and see the different with us as traders,” said Mohammed.

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