There seems to be collection of revenues by some officers of the Juba City Council which does not go well with the city by laws tax requirements. The officers are walking from one point to the other targeting small scale and road side business vendors demanding payment of taxes which the majority have paid and which should be paid only once in a year. One such case paid in February this year SSP 25,000 and this week the taxmen/women were at it again this time demanding SSP 75,000 with leniency to pay only SSP 56,000 for the year. Collecting tax is a must as it enables the council and other government institutions operate and provide service delivery required by the residents. But order must be maintained in executing the collection. It should not amount to harassment or threat of being locked up. These small business operators have families to fend for and who looks upon them for their daily survival. What logic is there for one to pay tax in February and again in October while the business cannot generate this kind of money being demanded? The officers are sometime unreasonable and use foul languages to the operators forgetting that taxes they are collecting from these people ends up paying their salaries. City under Mayor Lt. Gen Samir Khamis and his deputies have echoed publicly that any council officer found harassing and exploiting the public, more traders will be dealt with accordingly. City fathers have equally echoed that laws governing the city must be followed and obeyed by all residents, the officers included. There taxes must be collected and channeled to City Hall for service delivery to the residents. Therefore, some of these officers pocketing the collection should be dealt with accordingly. The mayor and his top officials should crack the whip right now on these wayward officers tarnishing the image of the council.

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