Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

By Loro Louis Yugu (Guest)

Just few days after the appointment of the new Mayor of Juba City Council, citizens are antedating a clean city in the face of the new mayor His Worship Kalisto Lado Faustino.

Dressed in apron, he had been spotted several times directly involved in garbage collection as a gesture to encourage others to do the same and discourage the vice of careless littering of the town. There is an adage that says ‘a health mind in a health environment.” There are people in this country who can just throw anything on the road.

I just got nervous yesterday when I saw a smart man throw a bottle of water on the tarmac while driving his V8 car. These are the kinds of people who can even shout a lot about the tidiness of the city.

Being one of the youngest politicians in the country, his first and major challenge is cleaning the city that has for long witnessed heaps of putrid garbage dumped mostly along the pavements and within major markets.

It is not a bombshell that people still defecate in the open in Juba. Just the other day, I came across an open ground. This ground is next to Juba Day Secondary school and the Comrade Restaurant.Instead of using it for sports, it is being used for washing cars and defecating. Some of us are not mindful of our health. The awkward thing is that most of the people living around this area are even senior politicians.

With the new zeal, Mayor Kalisto should stand upagainst those who practice poor garbage disposal in the city.

It is charming that in his recent clean-up campaign,the Mayor noted reckless waste dumping even in the middle of roads and avenues in the city.

Indeed, nobody can deny the fact that our populace are not good at keeping the environment neat and clean. There are residential areas that are totally dirty for human beings to live in. Some people leave water from the local washrooms to flow to the neighbours which is dangerous in terms of health.

The stern warnings against the garbage defaulters should not only be directed to those in the streets. Those in the residential areas should also face the sword of the City Mayor if they don’t practice hygiene event at the household level. There are numerous deaths that are caused by total carelessness in organizing our own homesteads hygienically.

Those found littering the streets should face the wraths of the law without fear and compromise because the citizens of this country will not breathe fresh air if the city authorities don’t wage war against those dumping garbage carelessly.

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