Mayor Kalisto achievements

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The Mayor of City Council for Central Equatoria State Kalisto Lado was relieved on 18th of this month, 2021 by the government of Central Equatoria State. In the statement, there was no reason why Lado was relieved by this time when he was doing progress in the state. Many people were unhappy with the relieved of Mayor Lado because of the achievement he has done within the short period of time.

The former Mayor Lado opened many roads in the City and many people appreciated him with the development he was doing. It was unfortunate to dismiss a person whose work was seen by people of South Sudan. The development he made had changed the shape of Juba and had reduced criminal activities in the City.

The work of Mayor Lado has made people to notice the right person was at the right place. Many people were appointed in the position of Mayor, but they didn’t succeed the way Lado had changed Juba City. There were many people doing corruption in the country but they were not relieved.

However, we need to be clam and not reacting in negative manner, for the reason that we need to maintain peace in the country. God knows what Mayor Lado had done; he managed to discover the place of sex workers and demolished their houses.  That was not done by any person in the history of Juba City. We can mention many achievements achieved by Mayor Lado and appreciate his efforts within short time.

Good people always have short period of doing things because devil was not happy with the progress.

It was better that he had proved to public that he was a hard working person as he said during the time he was appointed. Sometimes thing happen in this manner, good things coming ahead.

 I wish all the best to Mayor Lado and may God protect him in all steps he is taking.

May God bless us all.

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