Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

News of sacking city mayor Kalisto Ladu Wani found me on my way from the office together with my boss and a colleague. When l broke the news which was trending they were shocked with disbelief. Immediately l was debating whether to go back and put the story in but somewhere the piece coming in were not very clear. We decided against the odd. Let us wait until tomorrow (yesterday). People must accept that a change come at a cost and at time the cost could be very heavy. There are those who will resist change even if they were meant for their good and others just do not care if and when and what they are doing could hurt others. On cleaning the city and putting it to order, Kalisto must have stepped on the wrong toes or still there are those who did not want him to reach them with his City Clean Up Operation which had started bringing some sanity in the country’s capital city. The question being asked is whether this man was running too fast beyond the speed required or was he outdoing someone and getting credit for it. Was the mayor not consulting before carrying out an onslaught against any of his programs? I want to believe and it is on record that mayor Kalisto was consulting his superiors. If not some of these decision could not be made singlehandedly without the blessing of his bosses. If he did not seek the blessing then he stand on the wrong side of the road for doing what he should not have done. I do not know what it might be just in just system and ways  of doing things we all must agree that Kalisto tried to shape up the congested streets of Juba and had put on notice those who had encroached in the marked road sites and building which did not conform to the city bylaws and plans. The truth will soon come out of why Kalisto had to be kicked out of office. It is said that when two elephants are fighting the grass suffers. Like others before him, Kalisto’s issue could be considered a gone case but the mark he has left on people speaks volume. There are calls for his reinstatements and people wishing that the sacking was not real but a bad dream. If nothing is hidden that could be of grave danger, the man was trying to bring up the city to the international standard, only if he went farther than that then the appointing authority knows better. City hall should be guided to follow-up the agenda of keeping the city clean and orderly without jeopardizing other activities which are legally in operation. There have been hue and cry from the business community of harassment by the council officials, something which should not be ignored.

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