Mayor assures justice for late Trisha C

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Administration of Juba City Council has promised to guarantee justice for Trisha C and others who lost their lives in a fatal road accident at Mobil Round-about.

Mr. Kalisto Lado Faustino, the Mayor of Juba City Council made the assurance in his office while meeting a group of youth activists who were demanding for Justice to the fallen Artist Trisha C.

“We the Juba City Council leadership condemn this accident that has taken the lives of beautiful youths, we condemn it in every languages possible, the life of South Sudanese matters,” Mayor Lado declared.

“The administration of Juba City Council will guarantee justice for Trisha C and anybody who died in that accident, we will work together with the high authorities and look into it that the law takes its course,” Mayor Lado assured.

He said it was the responsibly of the government to solve the case saying  any criminal case is a case against the government adding that what happened has angered everyone in the country including the government.

“So, the person who caused these should undergo some process of law and the law will take its course,” he said.

However, he called on foreigners to respect the law of the country saying the life of the South Sudanese matters.

“We are sending strong message to the foreigners that they need to live according to the law or they leave South Sudan because the lives of South Sudanese matters and as a government we will protect the lives of South Sudanese,” he added.

According to Mayor Lado, it was the anger of the constant accidents caused by the water tanker drivers which made the youth to stage the peaceful demonstration.

He however, urged the youth to be peaceful and apologies for what happen to some youths that led to their detention.

He said what happened was the violation of law, to be honesty there was no political intention, but it was the violation of law and if it is the violation of law then the law must take its course.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure Thiik Thiik Mayardit blamed the country’s leaders for not empowering the South Sudanese youth to take lead in some local jobs.

He revealed that in Juba City there are 4500 water tankers which are registered and currently supplying water in the City.

“We have already established the system, in Juba we have 4500 water tankers and that out of the 4500 water tankers only 1500 belong to Eritreans and the other ones are for South Sudanese, the drivers you see who are Eritreans they are employed by our own people which is very wrong,” Thiik revealed.

He however, assured the youth to bring all these issues facing the South Sudanese in the country to an end so that the country’s youth take over some of the works done by the foreigners.

He urges the youth to bring forward the issues facing them in their daily lives in the Juba City.

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