Maya Nemaya bonces back to music

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Maya Nemaya has made a U-turn to the music industry after going mute for two years.

The social entrepreneur and youth advocate told Juba Monitor that he went mute because of the need to finalize some projects.

As Maya Nemaya bounces back to the music scene that is so competitive, the singer revealed that he has already released two audios titled “Egbarama” and Sikiawaya” and hope to shoot the videos soon.

“Egbarama is a South Sudanese name and the name basically talks about love and Sikiawaya is a typical African dance song that will put everyone in the mood of dancing,” said Maya Nemaya.

Egbarama, according to Maya Nemaya, is an African love song that explains the beauty of Africa and how the continent is blessed with beautiful African ladies.

The song talks about the beauty of women in South Sudan and urging people to appreciate the beauty in the country.

Maya Nemaya revealed that though he was off music, he was in the studio doing a couple of songs.

“Yes, I have been off the music but I was so active in the studio, I have a studio at home and at times do music demos and then share with the producers,” Maya Nemaya said.

The singer added that he plans to set a team that would revamp his music and in few months to come as he plans to do a concert for his musical loyal fans.

Maya Nemaya had disappeared from the music scene to build his foundation known as the Advance Youth Foundation.

Maya Nemya rocked back in the years of 2013 with his famous song, “Sweetie Sweetie” that raised him to the music industry of South Sudan.

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