We have become very particular in who we deal with or what we deal in. Experience has taught us that not all that glitter is gold. Some are sands coated with lookalike ornaments while others are fake to the bottom. We are in this world for one another while others are here to exploit others. One of these things affecting our society is lies which are un-truth and cheating. Where we are all liars and others lying is not accepted and for that matter we try to be masters of truth to information we give out to the public. Having said this whatever, it is the aborted Entebbe, Uganda SPLM re-unification and consultative meeting to bring the warring opponents together which did not materialize. This was a follow-up to the first meeting held in Tanzania. The sad part is that reason given is that one party led by Dr. Riek Machar did not come for the meeting. Reasons, privy to both parties, although social media has a field day as to what could have been the cause. Even his representatives or group did not. We do not want to live in the circumvent of the social media nor do we want to be perceived as liars. This is why we are asking to be told what really happened that the SPLM in Government led by Acting Secretary General, Jemma Nunu Kumba, spent time in Uganda but came back without anything because the Machar group had their own reasons. These are the reasons the country would like to be told if we are all working for a common goal of achieving peace and re-directing the country back to sanity of National Development Agenda (NDA). This time l was not going to allow anyone in our group to take charge of this discussion, even our friend SaTP who claimed to be having malaria wanted to take over, but l stood firm. My reasoning was that this was a lifeline for the country and l was not going to allow some people of little brain like SaTP to mess up our talks. We had to find a solution which could bring all warring parties together for a one peaceful Nation. This is the way l was looking at it and tempted to share with top leadership what would be our take in this situation. One Prof Dr. Wani Igga met me by chance and commented. This is going to be put behind us with the National Dialogue taking shape, all inclusive, will have to participate for the sake of this country and the future generation. This is a must assignment the country must achieve. I thanked him and left but our common friend was not convinced. He wanted to be assured that this was not just a political take but a National Commitment.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odooyo

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