Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I was being encouraged by my colleagues to go and witness the elections of the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) which is scheduled for today. I am talking about being encouraged because it had passed my head and out of my mind that the election for the football officials was being held and that my work sometimes entails me to be there even if l am not supporting any individual. What with the three days of celebrations with goat meat parties all around me? I did not think that the election was of importance to me but wished the best candidate to win. A number of facts were also discouraging me. When the current team took office they promised to do wonders in all parts of the country that could promote football. The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) normally allocate some funds, good funds for that matter which is supposed to promote football from the youth stage to the national level. The cash coming in should be utilized to make the game the best like in other parts of the world. What has been witnessed is the coming up of a new face Juba Stadium whose part collapsed mid-way and was to be re-energized by what we do not know but some engineers who happened to be on the job revealed some unfortunate happenings.  Is it money that was under-quoted in the contract or over-quoted? The background of those managing the rehabilitation work which is funded by FIFA should be known made public to see if they are the right people in the right place for the work. I am a good big supporter of the national team, Bright Stars and my understanding of football is how it is played. I am convinced that the candidates for SSFA office must be happy since the government has promised on to interfere with their election and will be ready to work hand in hand to develop the standard of the game in the country. Wrangles which have been going on in some of the branches should be the priority of the new office. Promises of setting and developing the game in its broader context should be the bench-mark to doing the right things in the association which seems not to have been done before.  There must be transparency and accountability in the funds being channeled by FIFA and any other contribution to the development and growth of football. It is what is required so that our national team and all other football teams in the states could be able to fairly compete in the name of the game. Sports is a unifying factor which could lead to talents of the youth being tapped for the better tomorrow. In Europe and developed countries there are those earning millions in sports football included. Therefore, we want to see our boys and girls doing the right thing out there in the football arena under the well managed football leadership. May the best candidate take the day.

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