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Mauna, Munuki, Gumbo…are the new dens of thieves – Police

National Police Service DeputySpokesperson, Brig. Gen James Dak Karlo

By Lodu William Odiya

The National Police Service yesterday revealed that a number of residential areas including Mauna, Gumbo-Sherikat, Munuki, Gudele and Hai-Seminary are new dens of criminals in Juba city.

National Police Deputy Spokesman, Brigadier General James Dak Karlo in a phone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, said an investigation by the national police service identified 10 residential areas as criminal hotspots where gangs operate and launch criminal activities from.

There has been a relative rise in criminal activities including armed robbery, burglary, killing and money laundry, among others, in areas such as Gudele, Mauna and Hai- Baraka.

He said the ten hotspots have been divided into five different zones to help the police better deal with the crimes.

“These five zones are connected with the five police stations; Gumbo police station where the big population is, and then Munuki, Mauna, Gudele and Hai-Seminary,” he said.

The police officer said the national police service has worked out a plan for a crackdown campaign which will be launched soon to smoke out the criminals and restore security in the affected suburbs.

“We are putting together our mobility in regards to vehicles because we have already discovered their ten hotspots where they usually gather.

“So, we are trying to divide that way in order for these vehicles to be on standby so that immediately when they gather all codes, they could come together and they will be apprehended,” he said.

Brig. Gen Karlo also blamed the rise in youth violence in recent months on the excessive consumption of harmful drugs and alcohol including a highly intoxicating and outlawed brew called Star Gin.

In December last year, the national police arrested 12 South Sudanese and one foreign national linked to the killing, production of 96900 fakes dollars and 132000 black dollars.

The gangs who were accused of killing two people and a series of armed robberies in Hai Baraka, Gudele and Hai Mauna residential areas were also found in possession of 8 AK47 rifles and one pistol.

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