At last the long awaited materials for the repairs of a section of the main Juba Bridge which has been off use for a long time have been brought and now the work must start immediately. This should be done without reservation or looking back because for the period that congestion remained the order of the day from morning to midnight, the country lost too much revenue and manpower which could have been avoided if those charged with the work of monitoring this bridge and other damages were doing their job. Time and again it has been pointed out that the bridge is at the centre of socio-economic growth as it is the only main lifeline to and from the country linking the nation with the outside world. People who are given responsibility to deliver services to the citizens and are not doing what is required of them should not be entertained in the public service because they are a disgrace to the country’s development. There is no excuse which can be advanced on why this bridge remained in this condition for this long while so many public officials are using it on daily basis. There is no reason whatever it takes that can have the repairs delayed when the materials are already brought and available for the work to start. It should be done to erase the public perception that it was being delayed deliberately. Government or public servants should do the work assigned to them with due diligence to stop-track the public from speculations and uncertainties. They have these responsibilities to the country and the appointing organs. They should not be lazy or sleep on the job because there are youth who are qualified and who are just waiting for such a chance and opportunity to serve the country.

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