Masses displaced by flood in Gumbo, Lologo

By Yiep Joseph

It was a helter skelter phenomenon as flood submerged a number of houses and shops in the area stretching from Juba Bridge (Kubri) to Gumbo Market and Lologo on Saturday leaving masses stranded along the road and in cold nights while others evacuated their belongings to Sherikat and Konyokonyo but no losses of human life had been reported.

The disaster set in as a result of the overflowing of the Nile which spread a wave of fear across the two areas of Gumbo and the partially affected Lologo-two. Sources revealed that a similar incident occurred last year which claimed lives of a three-day old baby who fell off into flood while the mother wanted to board a boda boda to leave the flooded site. The mother later discovered the baby was lost but had no trace in the flooded water to recover the infant.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, SildaOyela, a business lady who operated a saloon business in Gumbo residential area said the flood surprised them on Saturday morning submerging houses with two crocodiles which forced them to leave their luggage only to spend the night on the roadside.

“Water just came with two crocodiles so we had to come out and slept on the roadside. Our things are left inside the houses. We fear they might be taken by fish,” she said.

She added that they had nowhere to run their businesses since the shops were submerged and their property still locked inside the submerged houses.

George Odinga, a Kenyan business man in Gumbo market said such disasters needed government’s fast intervention because they could affect mostly women and children.

“Women are suffering with children because some of them don’t have money. They are just on the roadside and the only mistake they make is that they have not gathered in one place so that they can be found and be helped,” he said. “Don’t let someone cheat you that something happened. This flood came when people were already awake and no loss of lives reported.”

The flood affected people feared staying around the area claiming that rains were still falling in the region therefore, water might increase any time. They called on the government to help them in devising a way of controlling water or relocating them to a safer area.

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