Mass vaccination for over six million dogs this year

By Yiep Joseph

The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries in collaboration with the South Sudan Veterinary Association(SSVA) with support from Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) plan to vaccinate more than six million dogs as a move to reduce rabies infections in the country. 

Addressing the gathering during the World Rabies Day yesterday, Onyoti Adigo the National Minister of Livestock urged the public to take their dogs for vaccination in order to keep the public safe.

“Rabies is a deadly disease and there is need to protect our people through vaccination of dogs” Adigo said

“Today is a great day for the doctors to be concerned about protecting dogs” he added.

He called on the Veterinary Doctors to conduct research in developing vaccines.

“ You should really think for yourself if you can discover something good for the people” he said

He appreciated FOA for their cooperation with the Ministry.

“Let me appreciate the work of FOA since Malo came, he has done a  great jobin helping the government of South Sudan” Adigo said.

South Sudan is part of FAO and we are members of United Nation and would cooperate with them.

We are encouraging NGOs to develop their programs such that they are in-line with the programs of the governments.

Our role is to supervise all the NGOs working in the field of livestock and fisheries and ensure that they report and share the idea together with us.The element of cooperation is very important as we will move a head and work in a perfect way

Work hard such that your support will help the people in the country.

It is my duty to urge the citizens of South Sudan to take their dogs to be vaccinated . We do not want dogs to roam around.

Prevention is better than cure as such we need to vaccinate all the dogs in all the areas.

Meanwhile DR, Jacob Koro the Director-General of veterinary services for South Sudan

“This year we are going we are going to vaccinate over six millions in order to reduce number of Rabies infections in the county” Korok said.

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