Marking examinations requires criteria

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

The National Examination Council has stated clearly that certain criteria had to be met for someone to be allowed to mark the exams of the candidates.

Speaking on Wednesday in respond to questions put forward by the Parliamentarian Committee on Education in the TNLA, the Secretary General of national examination council, Simon Nyok said that there were required standards to be fulfilled by those who mark exams before they were deemed competent for the job.

Nyok outlined the policies and regulations on every process that had to be undertaken which were driven directly from the National Examination Council Act, in respect to the guiding principles on identification and selection of examiners.

“Each time we call on teachers, all of them without exception must be classroom practicing teachers, they need to have particular credentials and specifications, when their names are sent to me, my work is to certify and ensure that a candidates’ examiner must do certain things.

We created what we call redoing or mock exams. You have to sit for the papers you are coming to mark because they are there to mark somebody’s future but someone of these people have run away complaining that they didn’t use to do it before in Sudan,” he said.

He stated that those who passed the mock test and proven to be competent would be allowed to mark the papers based on the specific subject.

In addition, one of the teachers who marked last year’s examination papers, Magot Philip confirmed that he had undergone rigorous selection process for him to be certified to mark exams.

“So the other time we sat for interview and also examinations. We were sitting for the papers we were supposed to mark and then those who passed were given green light to go and mark,” Philip said.

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