Markets prices remain higher in the Country

By Kidega Livingstone

The prices of the commodities remain high in various markets places in Juba. Last month the market prices increased following the economic crisis that hit the country.

Juba Monitor interviewed some of the traders on the road side whether the prices of the commodities are still high or it has dropped.

Ms. Sarah Keji Hassan one of traders selling Onion and fruits at road side of Konyokonyo said that prices remained constantly high and it is very difficult for them to make profit in the business.

“ We  are buying commodities and produces from Gumbo  market in a very high prices, however  when we  also tried to  increased our customers are complaining. They don’t know that we also buy them with high prices from the wholesalers,” Keji told Juba Monitor.

“It was not our making but we found that all the prices increased, so we need also to get little profit on whatever we are selling,” she added.

Keji appealed to state and national government to reduced market fees especially for the women who sell their commodities and fruits in the market places.

Meanwhile, Josephine Achan Okeny a trader selling assorted commodities in Juba market admitted that the prices of peas has increased from three hundred and fifty to four hundred South Sudanese Pounds which is too expensive for the vulnerable person residing in Juba.

“I used to buy my produces from Magwi, Eastern Equatoria State but because they have also increased from there, I also added mine for me to make little profit out of my business,” said Achan.

The commodities prices in the market went higher than before since last week after the country started experiencing the economic hardship.

However, Activists said that for the situation to be rectified the government must improve on the tax system to ensure that all revenues collected are channeled to the right use.

The activists also dismissed the claimed that the country is broke, saying some few officials in the ruling government were corrupt.

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