Market today

Anna Nimiriano
Editor in Chief
Juba Monitor

When the government of National Unity was formed on 22nd February 2020, it was announced that the rate of US dollars would come down to improve the economic situation in the country. In fact it reduced the rate of dollars. In the past, 100 USD was 33,000 South Sudanese Pounds in the black market; it reduced to 27,000 SSP on the rate of yesterday. I don’t know today whether it has increased or decreased. Most of this rate is in the black markets.

The government official rate announced is not working in the market at the moment. If you go to the bank, you would not get dollars at the rate of 23,000 SSP at the moment. That means the dollar’s rate is not stable in the market. If government could allow traders to buy dollars with the rate announced, it will reduce the prices of items in the markets. Currently, the prices of items are still high in the markets. For the reason that trades said they bought those items when the rate of dollars was high.

They cannot reduce it with the current rate. People who are suffering are the consumers who buy food items expensively everyday with the little money they have. This condition requires a lot of effort to be put by the government to reduce prices of items in the markets and sale dollars with reasonable price to the traders. Peace means people have to buy items with better prices. I know it is the beginning of the work of the revitalized government improve from the coming days to realize the fruit of peace in the country. The more the investors come to the country, the more the prices of items come down.

Let us start planning to cultivate some crops by ourselves to reduce the prices of vegetables in the market. If everything is coming from the neighboring countries, our economy would not improve soon. This is one of the things we can consider as priority for peace to move. We don’t want people to continue complaining on the prices of items every day. Let them see things improving by eating balance diet in their houses.

The poor person is to get food in reasonable price. If we cultivate food items locally, we can help government in reducing the prices of items in the country, by doing that, you have contributed to peace building. Let us joint hands to support this peace by seeing what we can contribute to reduce the price of items in the markets. It is a collective responsibility to all of us, not government alone.

 May God bless us all.

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