Maridi to sign MOU with UN

By Sasuk Taban

Maridi State will soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) with the United Nations with support from TROIKA for the rehabilitation of the highway that connects to other States.

Speaking to the media upon his arrival to Juba last Saturday, the Governor of Maridi State, Africano Mande said the state government is close to signing an M.O.U with the U.N with the support from TROIKA for the rehabilitation of the highway from Gbudue State to Tombura, Maridi, Amadi and Jubek State.

Mande said the rehabilitation of the major roads is going to begin by the end of October.

He said 2016 was the year of planning and they had put five major plans to implement in 2017 for Maridi State which include; stabilizing the State and ensuring there is security, establishing five additional counties, rehabilitating roads connecting the State to other states like Gbudue, Tombura and Amadi, providing training to new police force in the state and training local government administrative officers.

“2017 is the year that we have decided to implement the plans we had laid in 2016 and so far we have trained 400 new police officers which has increased the number and service of the police in the state to an expected standard,” Mande said.

The Governor added that his state is the most stable and secure in the former Western Equatoria region.

Mande further said they have already established five Counties which include Mambe, Nabanga, Kozi among others which are additional to the other states in the State such as Ibba County and Mambe County.

“We have trained forty two local government administrative officers to create gaps that have resulted as a result of the creation of new counties,” he said.


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