Mapuordit hospital temporarily shut down due to insecurity

By Mabor Riak Magok

Mary immaculate Mapuordit hospital in Rumbek has temporarily shut down  its operation on Monday due to increase insecurity in the area

According to local authorities, the insecurity in Mapuordit was caused by fighting between the Atuot of Lakes states and Jurbeli community of Mvolo County of Western Equatoria resulting into road ambushes and cattle raiding.

In the public notice signed by Dr. Paolo Rizzetto seen by Juba Monitor, the hospital management said they could not guarantee the staff operation of the hospital.

“We would like to inform the local authorities and the public that due to the situation of insecurity, the administration of Mary immaculate Mapuordit hospital has decided to close all activities with immediate effect from 29th of June 2020 at 11:30 am until further notice,” the letter partly reads.

The letter further stated that the normal routine would not be restarted until security was assured and regular patrolling by armed soldiers of the hospital compound and of the expatriates compound was implemented.

“We are very sorry for all the inconveniences this will create to the local community but without qualified staff.”

However, the secretary general of defunct Eastern Lakes Barnaba Mayor Deng said three people were killed during the fight between the two communities but said his office has not received the letter from the hospital management.

“We have not received any official information or letter from Mary immaculate Mapuordit hospital about temporary closure because of insecurity but we know that there is insecurity and Youth clashes in the area around Mapuordit,” said Mayor.

The deputy director for administration of Mary immaculate Mapuordit hospital John Makur Ater Bol said the insecurity caused a lot of panic to expatriates working in the hospital.

“When fighting erupted between the armed Youth from Mapuordit and mvolo, bullets hit some wards of Mary immaculate Mapuordit hospital, forcing patience in the hospital to remove cannulas and chose to run away,” Makur said.

 “These foreigners need to be accorded maximum security and protection from the government,” he said.

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