Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I was encouraged to be informed that more patients of HIV/AIDS were turning up for treatments in Gumbo Primary Health Care Centre despite the stigma and other challenges coupled with the current coronavirus situation. This brought my memories flowing back to the years when mentioning HIV/AIDS was a taboo in a community and anyone suspected to be having it was isolated. That time, it was preserved covered in black polyphones to the burial site. My thinking at the moment also reminded me of some bar and street talks that apart from Ebola, there was another dangerous sexual disease which came out like a thread and it would be the end of one if that threadlike ooze was cut-out. But still l almost came to terms with my thinking because l did not see or witness anyone suffering from the threadlike disease. On a point however, the World Health Organization (WHO) did classify Malaria as the leading killer globally with recorded death of more than six million a year. My mind raced back and I remembered that another worse disease is none other than hunger. Do we know how many people die of hunger annually? This one is a fact case which many people would not want to mention although it remains one of the highest killers of our time. In revisiting these scenarios, let’s forget that marathon and mark-time that human beings are trying to wash down or sweep under the carpet. We are now concentrating on COVID-19 forgetting other disasters which are waiting to strike anytime. Even the WHO is saying it loud that as we are involved in the fight against the virus, other health matters should not be forgotten. Indeed the occurrence of coronavirus is definitely going to create an end disaster in the name of hunger which may turn out to be very dangerous or lethal to the society. Everything should be put in place to help avoid this expected scene. I am of the skull of thought that with proper planning the expected dangers could be avoided. One thing which must come out clear is that while the medics are doing their work of saving lives, the agricultural sector should equally be out there to ensure food production was taking place and was in shape to save any future situation. Everyone and everybody must do what he or she knows better in the field of development. This cannot be a mix-up of interests. The policy makers should guide the general public in what each and every person should be doing to ensure the collectivity goal was met. Each one of us has a profession which if nurtured could help in the key development of the country.  Can you give your contribution so that at the end we can face any challenges together as we stand firm without being shaken, but not forgetting any danger that lay ahead by taking possible precautions.

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