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Mangateen IDPs in dire need of aid

By: Peter Gatkuoth

Internally Displaced Persons living in Mangateen have complained over absence of basic services in the area including food, water and health service.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday in an interview William Duol Tek, Secretary for Camp Management Committee (CMC) said they have not been receiving any aid.

He said the UNMISS brought them to Mangateen after clashes that happened between the communities, saying since March UNMISS had not been providing them with any assistance.

 “When we reached to the month of March this year they stopped water supply, the NGO concerned ran out of fund and they stopped bringing water to the site,” Tek said.

“Again in August the organization stopped food distribution to the IDPs,” he added.

Tek said they were going under terrible situation as they have spent three months without any assistance.

Peter Duol Thak, a community leader at the IDPs camp said they had spent three months without receiving food items.

“As community we face a lot of challenges, the main issues affecting people here are food, water and we depend on rains water.

 We have some cases where children have died due to starvation. We have almost three months going to four month without receiving food,” Thak said.

He said they were waiting for peace implementation so that they could go back to their original home, saying it was not their making to live in Mangateen.

“We urge government and humanitarian agencies to see our problem and we need emergency intervention on these issues,” Thak said.

Angelina Nyakoang Kuol, the women representative at Mangateen IDP camp said they were people who were brought from the main protection of civilian site (PoCs) to Mangateen by the UNMISS.

It was the UNMISS that brought us here and we are now suffering. “We are suffering, children are hungry and they are dying of malaria,” she said.

Angelina Char Pech, 70 year old mother living in the IDPs camp at Magnteen said, “We don’t have water, food and medicine here, as you see children around are suffering, why UN leave us.”

According to Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) there are about 5000 IDPs living in Mangateen following the internal clashes that happened between communities in Protection of Civilians Site (PoCs) in August 2018.

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