Mangalla IDPs appeal for humanitarian assistance

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Mangalla Camp appealed for humanitarian assistance. The call came after the displaced persons faced a dire shortage of daily basic services.

Dau Akoi Jurkuch, the Chairperson of the camp said that out of 96,318 internally displaced persons, about 17,718 were not entitled to any humanitarian ration.

“There are people being registered, and they have not yet received food rations. Now, we are appealing to the World Food Programme (WFP) and other agencies to support and provide food for the other internally displaced persons who are not entitled to the food ration,” he explained.

The Chairperson said the aid agencies should also provide non-food items which the camp residents lacked. These included shelters, plastic sheets among others.

“However, the basic needs for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)like education, health, water and sanitation kits as well as agriculture are not adequate,” Mr. Jurkuch added.

“So, we urge the NGOs who have the mandate for supporting the needs mentioned above to assist the civil population,” he added.

He encouraged IOM and UNHCR which were supporting the establishment of the Camp to continue with their efforts.

According to the Chairperson, such joint efforts would help the struggling displaced persons.

Mr. Jurkuch affirmed that the Camp administration was committed to organize the IDPs and also to coordinate the NGOs with the locals to meet the services needed to be delivered.

In 2020, severe floods pinned down the areas of Jonglei State displacing thousands of the civil population to different areas in South Sudan.

Major urban centers in Jonglei were also been devastated, leaving many stagnant without food and shelters. Homes were destroyed by the floods and livestock lost, which affected the mean of survival, especially the pastoral communities.

As a result, many Jonglei residents resorted to seeking refuge at the displaced persons’ camps across other parts of South Sudan.

These included estimated hundreds of thousands who have crossed to Mingakaman, Awerial County of Lakes State.

These people lacked clean drinking water, shelters, access to education and food.

Thousands of displaced persons struggling in Mangalla County of Central Equatoria state were by then complained of food shortage.

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