Man suspected of selling dog meat arrested

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Police authorities in Juba said they have arrested a Ugandan man suspected of selling dog meat for consumption.

Robert, a resident of Thongpiny was arrested by police after he was caught putting a dead dog in a bag.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin the spokesperson of South Sudan Police Service said the suspect had been transferred to northern police division awaiting trial.

He said for those who cook dog meat for consumption they are against the law, and the law shall take its course.

“I think the person is going to face the law, there are some communities who eat dog meat especially foreigners but for us South Sudanese we don’t eat dog meat. This is our law known to everybody, now a case has been opened and it is going to court,” Justin said.

He added that two years ago police arrested a man in Jebel market who was trading in dog meat, saying this is the second time that they arrested a foreigner dealing in dog meat.

Abraham Kur Kuol, resident of Thongpiny condemned the act saying in other countries nyama choma are often prepared of chickens and goat meats.

“I am not against those who eat nyama choma but people who prefer eating this kind of meat should at least get it from right butcheries. Our people need to be careful when plan to buy a roasted meat, because true people must take note instead of eating meat being sold along the road anyhow,” he said. 

He stressed that many foreigners in the country want to use anything that bring money to them.

Robert, the suspect said, the accusation labeled against him were not true.

“I found a dead dog in my house but when I took the body to the garbage place immediately the police came and arrested me,” he protested.

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