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Man survives wife’s shot in Bor    

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

A woman in Jonglei State on Monday shot her husband after disagreement over family issues.

The man was shot with the bullet breaking his arm.

The incident took place in Cuei-Atem Beny, a residential area along Bor Airfield.

The woman is under police custody awaiting final report of investigations.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Monday, Bor town Police Director Brigadier General Johnson Thon said the woman argued with her husband over family issues. She then allegedly shot at him and directed her gun at a neighbour who was trying to stop the fight.

He confirmed that the two had disagreement over family issues which later resulted into skirmishes.

”Those two couples quarrelled over family issues but the woman went and picked her husband’s gun from where it was kept and opened fire at him,” Gen. Thon said.

He said the man had sustained serious injury on the harm and shot at him

”The woman also shot her neighbour on the leg as the person was trying to stop her to end the fight,” he added.

General Thon stressed that the two wounded persons were undergoing medical treatment at Bor Town hospital

He described the condition of the wounded as stable though they were seriously wounded

”It is terrible when you break the bone; it is not a good experience but I want to assure the public that the two survivors are in stabled conditions at Bor hospital,” he stressed.

Police said they had launched investigations into the matter to find out the exact cause of the family’s conflict.

Gen. Thon urged the civil population to surrender guns to the government in order to avoid such incident from repeating.

He said gun is very dangerous even to its owner saying what happened in Bor was the “ability of every person to operate gun and its poor management by the owner.”

According to the police, all organized forces must know where to keep their guns.

”Every civilian holding illegal fire arm should surrender it before the government could declare the policy of disarmament against them,” he said.



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