Man sentenced to death

By Deng Ghai Deng

A court in Jonglei State finally sentenced one person to death and several others to jail over inter-clan fighting which erupted in December 2017 to 2018 over a land’s name that left 38 people dead, and 24 others injured.

In 2017, the two communities disagreed over land name on which Nyara wanted the place to be called Anuet and the Mach-Anyiel, Biong, Nyichak, and Awan wanted the place to be called Panwel.

Speaking to media yesterday, Jonglei High Court Judge John YelAleusaid all the convicts from both sides were to pay 1,938 cattle as compensations to the families of the deceased.

“The name of the place which caused the inter-clan fight shall remain as Abii. Also all the parties have 14 days to appeal,”he said.

However, Michael Mayen Maker, one of the lawyers who represented Mach-Anyiel, Biong, Nychak, and Awan clans in the case welcomes the court’s ruling saying justice has been served.

“We are satisfied with the court ruling. And it showed that justice has to prevail,” Mayen said.

Meanwhile counsel Ayuen Jacob Kon, one of the lawyers who represented Nyara in the case said the lawyers are less satisfied with the court’s ruling but are yet to decide whether to appeal the verdict or not.

 “We are not satisfied with today’s judgment. The judgement is not fair because it has generated its own position which was not expected,”Kon said.

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