Trees should be preserved and when one is cut, people should be able to plant another one to help keep the country green to avoid man made climate change which is already affecting the country and being felt across the globe. There are a number of orders banning cutting down of trees particularly, indigenous ones for charcoal or domestic use. Although these orders are still in force, a number of trees are being felled down by charcoal traders and some for domestic use. The black gold as the charcoal is referred to across the borders is booming but with little attention to replace the felled ones. There is no follow-up from the departments charged with controlling and managing forests in the country. One needs just to follow-up how many charcoal trucks are on the road each day. Why is it difficult for tree planting program to take off. President Salva Kiir Mayardit announced tree planting program in which he expected to have 100 million trees planted in the next ten years. This is a noble gesture whose success would change the whole nation into green belt. Ethiopia equally projected a joint program with the government where they intended to plant trees to keep both countries evergreen. The looming danger is whether the two programs would be hard to take-off or there are consequences awaiting their jump-start. The other danger is that if the trees being cut are not replaced, then there is a possibility of climate change that can easily turn the country into a desert. This situation can be avoided if there is a collective approach to tree-planting program that would be felt in all parts of the country and controlled cutting of trees in the forests. This calls for the government to stand firm and direct forests management to be on the look-out and bring to book those violating the forest acts.

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