Man loses2,400 USD to a one-night stand in Juba

By Atimaku Joan

A man has lost two thousand four hundred dollars last weekend to a prostitute whom he had picked from one of the city bars to have a one night stand within Juba.

Rumors had it that the unknown man had accused the lady of stealing his money in the morning to the police after spending the night at her house.

In most of the chitchats within the city, the man had met the lady for the first time at that unlucky Friday where he had offered to buy some drinks for her then shortly after consuming the drinks, the lady had to inquire if they could not move their bar sittings to the next level.

The man had to order more drinks and asked for the lady to excuse him to book a hotel for them as he told the lady that he has been waiting for her to mention it hence the lady brought him to a halt by stating that there is a free place at her home.

When both reached the house, the lady had to charge her client with a hundred dollars which her paid instantly without any objection.

The next morning the man had to complain to the lady for not finding his two thousand four hundred dollars and he later proceeded to the police where he accused the lady and reported the loss of roughly two thousand five hundred.

Police hurriedly arrested the lady and took her to custody and when she was asked to talk about the matter, she stated that she has been looking for him because she had offered a place for the man to spend the night then after the man left, she realized that her four hundred dollars was missing.

She requested the police to search the man after which he was found with four hundred dollars which was handed to the lady back.

The gossip affirmed that a neighbor had picked the two thousand dollars  from the man’s pocket when they were having business in a deal chaired by her.

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