Man arrested for murder

By Mabor Riak Magok

Police authorities in Yirol West County Lakes State said a man was apprehended for killing a businessperson last week as he was trying to escape to Juba.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, the Police chief Inspector of Alualuak Payam Yirol West County Michael Mayor Malaak confirmed that a suspect identified as Run Mabor was compassed by police forces as he was on his way to Juba.

“When he was caught, the suspect confirmed to the police during an investigation that he was the one who killed the businessperson and now he is arrested,” said Malaak.

The executive director of Alualuak Payam Daniel IchokDhieusaidthe suspect was taken to Maburzeet prison awaiting court trial.

Director Dhieu said the deceased was shot dead on the road as he was taking goods toAluakaluak Payam.

“Maker Anhiem Riak was a businessman. He was the one who loaded the vehicle with goods from Juba to Aluakaluak. He sat in the front seat of the vehicle and when he reached Tiit-aper area, the criminal just shot him with one bullet and died on the spot,” saidDhieu.

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