Man arrested for attempting to sell his children

By Elia Joseph Loful

Police security personnel have arrested a man who attempted to sell his two children at Konyokonyo market in Juba yesterday.

Speaking to the media, the Police Spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin Boulo said the case was reported to the police by the Murle community leaders.

“We as security yesterday evening received a report from Pibor Community saying there is a case and now the Chief Administrator of Greater Pibor Administrative Area has submitted to us the responsibility of these children so that we can carry out the investigation,” Gen. Justin said.

He added that the children will be under police protection unit where they will be handed to the Ministry of Gender Child, and Social welfare.

Gen. Justin stressed that the man will be tried in the court once investigations of the motive to sell the children is completed.

Judi Jonglei, a member of parliament representing Pibor area said the man was arrested as he approached some youth in Konyokonyo asking to sell the two children. 

“This man is a Colonel in the police, he says and children are hungry and he is also hungry, so he wanted to sell them to get some money for food and some for transport,” Judi Jonglei explained.

Col. Jackson Makeer Thon, the father of the children said his intention was not to sell the children but admitted that financial hardship has forced him to look for the market to sell the kids.

“I cannot sell them out because they are my children. I am a Col. In the police, when I was at Rejaf training Centre, these children were staying alone. Now I want to take them to their uncle at the cattle camp, but there is no money and hunger is a problem,” Col. Makeer expressed.

The children are identified as Dut Jackson  10 and Nhial Jackson Makeer 7 years old.

Child trafficking and abduction have been common among cattle keepers, an issue which often causes inter-communal violence.

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