Mammoth electricity supply task awaits gov’t, says Minister

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The Minister of Energy and Dams Dhiew Mathok Ding said there was still a huge task ahead of the government to provide sufficient power supply across the country.

“I think it is our responsibility to light up the whole country. One of the writers says that provision of electricity power in Juba city is only one percent. Our plan is not only to set power plant, but our target is to construct even hydroelectricity power that can be enough for South Sudan and we can also extend to other countries,” Mathok said.

He was speaking during the welcoming ceremony of two newly appointed executive officials, Technical Advisor Lawrence Loku Moyu and Macham Mecham Angui, who is the Undersecretary at the Ministry.

He said the lighting of Juba city was not a shortsighted plan adding that there were intentions by the government to set up solar panel station across the River Nile in order to act as a backup to the current power plant established by Ezra Company.

He pointed out that the ministry was facing lack of staff adding there was need to recruit new ones and shun out nepotism.

“We will need to recruit new staff because currently there is understaffing in the ministry and we should fight nepotism,” he said.

Mathok told the public at the event that the government was working to rehabilitate other power plants in major cities like Malakal, Wau among others.

“There is an urgent plan to rehabilitate the major power plants in the country which we have already started with Wau,” he said.

The Minister called on the government to avail money, which was needed to carry out feasibility studies so as to recover hydroelectricity power generation.

“We have been requesting the Ministry of Finance to approve the budget for the feasibility studies to recover our system. This is one of the things we have been following up,” said the minister.

Technical Advisor to the Ministry, Lawrence Loku Moyu told the newly appointed Undersecretary to put more effort to address the issues affecting staff at work.

“I would like to tell you that the demands of staff is a long standing grievance. The revision of salary structure which has been sanctioned by the cabinet is still being held hostage in some people offices,” he reiterated.

He said the government should initiate short term plans to double the generation of power supply in the states capital.

“We had as the first plans to increase the capacities of generations in the state capitals, so to enable the work of the national government in Juba with states governments.

He stated that the country was endowed with abundant natural resources which could make the country self-reliant.

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