Mambe scene of 2016 tragedy needs social services

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Mambe Payam of Maridi County, the scene of the deadly fuel explosion that killed more than 200 people was in urgent of social services such as health, road, and education.

Paul Zachariah who spearheads a local aid agency, Open Door Humanitarian Organization (ODHO), said the payam was in dire need of medical supplies, paved roads and support to few education facilities to support the population of the area.

Mr. Zachariah said the impacts of the 2016 fuel explosion hadleft hundreds of the area residents vulnerable, with women and children in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, PaulZachariah said that there were virtually no services reaching the people of Mambeas few social amenities like the Longbua Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU) present there, lack medical supplies and capacity.

“The victims of incident are in need of help and this consists of women and children including people that sustained injuries during the fuel tank explosion”, he said.

He stated that during his recent visit to the area, he found out that there were no international or national organizations delivering services.

“According to the community of Mambe, the services within other states are not reaching them, for instance, the teachers’ incentives that are being delivered to the teachers in other states have not reached their teachers and this has contributed to failure of good education delivery,” he added.

In September 2016, more than 200 people died and 200 people suffered with burns when afuel tanker exploded as crowds of people scoped the fuel from the leaking tank.

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