Maluth Community signs MoU with gov’t on projects

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

The community of Malut-Akoka-Baliet have reached agreement on nine points as part of the Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with the government through the Ministry of Petroleum to resolve issues with oil companies.

These nine were demands that the community from Maluth had requested from the companies and the government to be provided which includes water distribution network in the area, employment opportunities from the oil companies by employing local people in positions of Human Resource officer to safeguard the interest of the community, scholarship programs facilitated by DPOC, construction of tarmac roads which connects Maluth with its neighbours, members of parliament to expedite the process of environmental audit,

MPs to push for the Ministry of Finance to release 3% for the host community on monthly basis,

Dar Petroleum Company (DPOC) to leave Friendship Hospital Land, DPOC to review transformers issue in Maluth and Athieng by making sure the power connection to all Payams is implemented and constructions and upgrade of health facilities to improve health conditions of the community among others.

Speaking to the media yesterday, MP representing Maluth and Adar in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA), Akot Dau Nyok Akol said that the Greater Maluth Civil Society organization, the Dar Petroleum Company and the Ministry of Petroleum had agreed on those nine points as the Community Social Responsibility (CSR).

“During the crisis last week, we were invited by the Ministry of Petroleum to attend the meeting with striking youth in Paloch who had blocked the normal operation of the oil company.

Then the Ministry of Petroleum which is responsible for Dar Petroleum company operating in block 3 and block 7 made a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Greater Maluth Civil Society Organization on the nine points that are the CSR which is an obligation of every company in the world to give the services to the host community,” Dau Nyok said.

However, Dau stated that the 3% that is stipulated in the Oil Revenue Management Act to be allocated to the host community from oil revenues has not been given to the local authority since 2013 despite their efforts to get the monthly percentage from the Ministry of Finance but the ministry said that all the money was shifted to the war.

“Another thing is the issue of 3%, which is supposed to be allocated on monthly basis but the Ministry of Finance is reluctant to release the amount as stipulated in the Oil Revenue Act.

 The government kept on giving excuses that there is war and no other agenda to be used unless the war stops.  Two months ago, the ministry released just more than 2million dollars. But every year they (community) are supposed to receive 100million dollars. Now you calculate it starting from 2013 to July 2020, this year,” he said.

He added that the committee which consist of Representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum, the Greater Maluth Civil Society Organization and representatives from Oil companies would be charged with the implementation of the projects after feasibility studies were carried out.

He also stated that the charged ministries fail to honour the agreement, he put a motion in parliament to summon the Ministry of Petroleum and Ministry of Finance.

Attempts to reach the Ministry of Finance for comment were not fruitful.

Last month, youth from the Maluth staged a peaceful demonstration demanding for better services from the oil companies operating in the area.

According to Oil Revenue Management Act 2013, communities of the oil producing States should get their 3% share of the oil revenue.

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