Malong’s detention political not militarily

By Morris Dogga

The army spokesperson said the house detention of the former Chief of General Staff, General Paul Malong Awan is a political issue which has nothing to do with the military.

Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang told Journalists yesterday that the presence of the security forces around Malong’s residence was a precautionary measure to ensure that there was conducive environment in the whole of Juba to restore calm and peace.

Koang said that the issue became political when Malong did not comply with an order to surrender some of his bodyguards for reassignment.

“It is a political issue which is being handled by the political leadership, the limited deployment that you witnessed since Saturday up to now is being done to make sure that the situation is not taken out of hand by some bad elements around here,” Koang said yesterday during a press briefing  in Bilpham.

“There is too much exaggeration on the social media which are not true. The situation is being handled using negotiation with the government taking the lead,” he added.

He said because of the rumors, the SPLA had to establish a limited presence around the residence of the former Chief of General Staff.

He further disputed reports that the SPLA wanted to disarm the bodyguards of Malong.

“We have no intention to disarm his Bodyguards forcefully, we have no intention to do these things being reported on the social media,” he added.

He said all the rumors that were doing the rounds were meant to create confusion to the public.

Koang added that the cases of theft and night shooting had nothing to do with the situations at Malong’s residence.

He said after being relieved of his duties, Malong did not qualify to a platoon in his residential area.

He said the former chief of staff was only entitled by law to have two to three bodyguards.

Asked when Malong would be released from house arrest, Koang said “it is not the SPLA to say yes or no. It is the political leadership to do that.” Adding, the issue would be settled as soon as possible.

He called on the public not to panic saying the issue would be resolved peacefully.


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