Malong’s break-away group attack Aweil East garrison

By Nema Juma

Authorities in Aweil East State said rebel group formerly allied to General Paul Malong Awan who returned home attacked a military garrison in Aweil last Tuesday.

State Information Minister Garang Malong Yor said the breakaway group resisted being disarmed leading to the  fight at the state military garrison last Tuesday.

“The group returned to join the peace process and when they were told to lay down their arms down they refused and started fighting,” he said.

The fighting took to place in an area called Majook Yieth -Thiou in Aweil East state which left almost the breakaway brake away of Malong’s group   scattered,” Yor said.

He said disgruntled group was led by Kuol Athuai and deputized by Manut Yel Lual.

“They attacked the South Sudan People’s Defense forces (SSPDF) when they were told to lay down their weapons.”

He added that the rebel group were flashed way by the SSPDF soldiers last Friday.

“So those people at the moment they are now scattered in the bush and now we learned that they have crossed to Lol state,” Garang said.

He said the area was calm and no civilians had been attacked.

“I myself I am in Aweil East State and as government we are working had to ensure that after three months from now peace will come.”

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