Malat Wei, a professional Wheelchair Basketball player in America


Malat Wei South Sudanese professional Wheelchair Basketball player shares his stories. (Photo by Bullen Bala):

By Bullen Bala Alexander

By name I am called Malat Wei born in 1994 here in South Sudan in a small town called Boma and at the age of three, I was diagnosed with polio then I moved to Ethiopia and stayed for ten years.

When I was 13 years old, my parent got for me a visa to go to America. While in America, I discovered Wheelchair Basketball.

Since I started playing Wheelchair Basketball, I used to ask myself questions like; in my country South Sudan, why don’t they have something like this? That is my dream since then and I was really eager to come back to South Sudan and start a team like in America.

My  words to all the people with physical challenges here in South Sudan is for them to be active and inspired by the world because people look at them differently but here in South Sudan we need to have sports like this so that people with physical challenges can play sports.

I am Hopeful they can one day present South Sudan in the International level.

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