Malaria cases on rise in Bieh State

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The health authorities in Bieh State said cases of Malaria and Typhoid are on rise in the state.

Duop Rom Kok, the Director General at the state Health Ministry confirmed that over 160 malaria and typhoid cases has been on daily report since August in Waat Town.

The health authorities attribute the rise to the floods that have submerged the whole area,

“Cases of water borne diseases have been increasing since July. Now, at the only health centre in Waat town, there are more than 160 patients without treatment,” Kok said

“There are also cases of unknown diseases. Three people presented signs of swollen legs,” he said.

The Director General revealed that many locals were depending on herbal medicines

He added that for locals to access the only one operating facility, they were to walk several days to get treatment in Langken area.

Elizabeth Nyarew, a technical advisor at the Ministry of Gender said that at least three pregnant women have died in August due to poor health service in the state.

She added that cases of malnutrition were also on rise among children since the floods have destroyed community livelihoods.

The advisor appealed to the health agencies operating in the country to intervene to provide necessary health care to the people in the state.


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