MALARIA, Biggest threat in S. Sudan

By Mandel Nelson Denis

Malaria remains the biggest threat to lives in South Sudan, the chairperson of the Country Coordination Mechanism in South Sudan (CCM) said.

Dr. Kediende Chong stated this during an engagement meeting with members of the press in Juba yesterday.

He said several lives have been lost to malaria; many children are missing out on school and productivity of workers reduced due to Malaria.

“Malaria is the number one enemy of the country,” said Dr. Kediende. We can fix the malaria problem; we will fix all the problems in the country.”

He said South Sudan is vulnerable to malaria and everyone in the country is at risk of getting malaria.

Dr. Kediende said it is believed that between 45 to 60 percent who go to hospital in the country were seeking treatment for malaria.

“When you go to hospitals, majority of patients have malaria cases, children are missing school, workers are missing work because of malaria,” Dr. Kediende said.

He attributed the numerous malaria cases to misuse of mosquito nets, saying in some communities; people use them for tying goats, making chairs, and using it as building materials.

Dr. Kediende appealed to South Sudanese to use the mosquito nets for the purpose they are made for, adding that “it costs 5 USD for a mosquito net to reach the beneficiary across the country.


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