Malakal: Town of peaceful co-existence and social activities

By Simon Akech

Although during the early periods of the struggle for independence the nationalists tried to create a common South Sudan identity by recruiting people from Various ethnic backgrounds in the South into SPLA against Northern Sudan notorious forces, the recent useless war of 2013 that broke out in Juba and spread over South Sudan created a gap and strengthened the tribal sentiment among tribes.

But, for Malakal now as I speak through this brief story, the situation is different, all the tribes and ethnic groups in and around Malakal have accepted each other and abandoned their differences. This came as a result of the effort exerted by the state government to bring peace and stability for the benefit of the current and future generation.

The overriding goal of the current state government is to create a feeling of common belonging among Malakal diverse ethnic groups, cultivate the feeling of national consciousness, despite the common set of characteristics that set each tribe apart from the other.

The government is propagating the doctrine of Unity in diversity and the flame of Unity is now burning bright in Malakal. On the 10th day of September 2017 the government prepared a cultural day in which all linguistic groups from Various parts of South Sudan including Northern Sudan danced the whole day, that was a strong sign of peace and unity. Those residing in PoCs expressed their readiness to come out by the end of the rainy season during the cultural day which was colorful, which they did this year.

The suspicion between the tribes in Malakal which was created by senseless war of 2013 has vanished and the state government is busy engaging the communities by encouraging joint social and cultural activities to allay fears among them in the town and its periphery.

The social peace is quicker to bring about the expected unity than political peace. Before, the government of state could intensify the community dialogue, the inter-ethnic suspicions were so strong that any radical measure taken by the government was fraught with danger and could undermine the peaceful co-existence between the tribes but now there is peaceful co-existence not only among certain tribes but among all the tribes residing in Malakal town.

If that policy of Malakal government is applied everywhere, we would save the nation and return it from the brink of total disintegration and would be a progressive step towards nation building.

Among the positive steps taken by government of central upper Nile state as a way of strengthening peace and stability is the promotion of youth mobility and interaction among different ethnic backgrounds in the state, people mostly youth move through river by boats from Malakal to Renk passing through the counties ports peacefully.

So please visit Malakal town to see peace and taste it. Our Moto in Malakal is peace, productivity and security and we have achieved them under James Tor Monybuny Governor of the State.

Peace and stability is there and security is 100 percent in the town and its suburbs. All citizens have prepared enough land to produce food for this year.

The author can be reached via mobile contact: 092580304/0916283799

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