Shocking as it is, it is true. Makerere University is investigation over 13, 000 cases of forged degrees with the possibility of recalling or cancelling them altogether.  If this happens, then the fate of holders will be destroyed completely. Why the university administration waited this long to investigate these cases could be something beyond believing because the first concern was raised when some graduates of the Law School from Makerere were seeking admission at the Kenya School of Laws sometime back. The matter was brought to the attention of the university administration and the Uganda Law Society. While Kenya opposed the admission, the Uganda counterpart insisted on the legality of the degrees and forwarded their reasoning for graduates from Makerere to be admitted. This seems not to have sunk down that something was going or would turn out to be wrong. Makerere is known for producing law graduates in the region that is how and why it has an MOU with all other key legal entities for graduates from there to be absorbed or admitted for their initial laws undertaking practices in the region. A number of lawyers both locally and in the neighboring countries stand the test of time as they will definitely be affected. The end result would disastrous to the legal fraternity in the region. It is becoming obvious that some other disciplines are also affected. How much the damage will be felt is yet to come but it is worrying. What we would like to know as the concerned. Why did it take this long to notice the abnormalities? Would it have been intentional and if not how would the administration settle the matter to have these innocent graduates not to be placed in awkward situation. Their parents and guardians have toiled this far. Some of these students, particularly, from this country have self-sponsored themselves with doing odd jobs to meet the challenges. While we are opposed to illegality or acquiring degrees in such manners, the administration of Makerere must come out with clear re-sound for those students who might be the victim of circumstance in this chain of fake degrees.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


There were three words which had come handy to our friend and the way he was reasoning was like he did not understand their meaning properly. SaPT could pronounce the words, but   was trying to place them into use with little success, more so as they appeared in the print. He was engrossed trying very hard to read to himself but ended up shout whispering beyond the whispers. The words which were in his lips were; “Ministers summoned, Makerere investigates and IGAD wants. “These were powerful words in the print for the day and to SaPT, they almost meant the same thing until we told him otherwise. He was not convinced but we told him what it meant for two ministers to be summoned by parliament and why Makerere University instituted investigations into fake degrees saga and how IGAD reached a conclusion to want free movement of the regional population. In details we tried our best to divert the stubborn SaPT’s attention. There were other positive developments for the common-man, some caring diaspora communities had distributed food to the needy in Western Lakes State while daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI) was in a programme to change lives in Luri payam through farming and they could attest to this and Bishop Isaiah voicing how citizens were traumatized by the conflict. This is not just the bishop alone who has echoed this concern. It all leads to peace and stability and how to bring it about to the masses. It has been done by the leadership and true it is all inclusive. The only thing remaining is for the like-minded to do their part and ensure lasting peace became a reality within the shortest period possible. States like Imotong has pledged tractor for the youth. Tractors are for farming and farming can only succeed if there is peace. We need the God people to focus their attention on this important component of life. We need the entire citizens to do the same in the name of this country irrespective of their public and social affiliation. We need God people out there preaching to their folk peace and living together without any tribal linkage or boundary. Are there some people who can be proud of being involved in this exercise without looking for material reward at the end? Are they there, those who could stand up and say this is our country and we must bring peace to the whole nation without worldly reward? We have few who have done this and continue doing the same in the name of the presidency and the leadership. It should not be left to them alone but let us carry this Nation forward to register and gain everlasting peace for all irrespective of your own ideology and alignment. This is the only true way to true success for peace for all.


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