Life is short and they say one has to make maximum use of it before your time come to an end. If Bishop Joel Mwendwa, knew, that his last morning with his church goers was coming to an end l don’t think he would have gone to the church that morning for his usual morning glory. Few minutes later, he was no more gone to pieces at the hand of assailant with a machete, cut to “mincemeat” sizes. He is the bishop who was mercilessly cut to pieces in Munuki and inside the church while kneeling for morning prayers late last week. Bishop Mwendwa is gone but trust his spirit will remain and his mission and vision for Christian will always guide those he has left behind. While on this line of deep thought, something else came about. We started wondering why the US was trying see things differently and negatively. For the last two or so days we have been treated to reports of demand of accountability, first time, and doubt of military court second day. We might be the one seeing things negatively if the US is right but deep in our inner feeling we smell a rat. We smell a rat because the statement are either designed or well planned for a purpose. Let us not think too much but something is not right. These issues are being raised at a time when the National Dialogue team needs assistance or funds to meet vital obligations including meeting all inclusive as may please some quarters. SaTP was sure that something was cooking and point blank told us that knowing the West, where there is smoke there must be fire. As usual he was out to find where this fire was and for what reason(s). He told us to be broader in our thinking and see things beyond the sky. He was going to find out why the same sentiments were being echoed by the Troika countries at a time when the most needed item in the country was peace. SaTP promised to turn tables and leave no stone unturned until he comes out with the truth. He deeper thinking was that this time around was time to heal wounds not to inflict more. If need be he was going to go further to get to the bottom of the matter internationally where the fire was created to come and burn us down here in the country. He had no problem with people giving their honest and positive opinion but any attempt to try or imagine any move to derail the National Dialogue would be met with equal rebut. This was the only hope remaining and should be harmonized to the latter for the well-being of all including the departed soul of Bishop Joel.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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