Make Drinking Water Clean and Safe

By Agar Mayor Gai

Most people in Juba city depend on the Nile water. The Eritrean water tankers get this water straight from the river and then supply it to all the households in our city. Some people near the Nile fetch for themselves as well. It is this water that serves all the purposes of water. In our homes, it is used for cooking, bathing and more importantly drinking. However, it is not wrong to say that this water is not well treated and protected from germs.

It is never safe at all. The waste disposal system of our country has that fact to prove right or wrong. Our nation has alot that it has to put right in the way that wastes are being disposed. You find that things like wastes from the industrial sources, from human beings and from kitchen are drained into this Nile that we the inhabitants have to later get the water to drink and for bathing and cooking from. If our nation has to reduce much spending on health for her citizens, making the drinking water clean and safe is the more advisable way. Our government through the ministry of water and irrigation can win this battle since all that it needs is available.

Be it money or the people who can administer the best ways to a healthy living, only on condition that we would love to see nationalists being given this health duty such that the health of citizens of this country is not compromised. The ministry concerned has to take a serious step to get a breakthrough for these environmental challenges. In my view, one of the ways that our government can solve this problem is by sensitizing the local population about the dangers of dumping wastes into the water sources.

These local people probably never think that the wastewater they flush through their toilets or let run from their drain will turn up again in their drinking water supply. But though, it does. It’s like the old saying, “what goes around comes around.”   In this case, the government suits the best to take up her duty of providing safe services to the citizens. It has to make sure that the life of her citizens is her major reason for being a government.

And also, it will be of a great importance if the people are provided with vast knowledge in caring for themselves. They have to be made aware that things like used water is wastewater itself.  It comes from our showers and toilets and from commercial, industrial, and agricultural activities. And so in our city of Juba, this wastewater flows back into the Nile without being treated or reused in one better way or another and the other day, an Eritrean tanker driver goes and fetches it the way it is without any treatment.

He supplies it to twenty or thirty households for home consumption and one month later, the consumers all get to their sick beds. They are sick of Cholera. This is the nature of life in our city as well as other parts in the country that are near the Nile or any other river. In this way, our government has to prioritize the proper waste disposal system such that our Nile water which we majorly depend on for almost everything is not polluted in one way or another. We really need clean and safe drinking water.

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