Majority of IDPs in Mangalla sleeping under trees

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Majority of the internally displaced persons at Mangalla are currently sleeping under trees for lack of shelters, as they wait for the donations of tents and other basic materials.

Hundreds of women, children and men were seen cooking under trees with their beddings hoping one day they will get tents to shelter their heads.

Aluel Mangar, a mother of four children told Juba Monitor that the floods took all they had as a family leaving them with nothing.

“We have no tents and if you don’t have your own money to buy a tent, it’s a challenge, we lack clothes, the tree is now our house until we get tents”, said Aluel.

When Juba Monitor visited Aluel’s corner with the four children and some elderly women, there were old mattress and some bed sheets sprayed to dry after a night’s rain fall.

“It rained a night before and all the beddings we have got wet, life is hard with the children, the cases of malaria are on the rise, since we came here we got no medicine, some well-wishers brought some medicine but were not enough for all of us”, Aluel said.

With the challenges facing the Internally Displaced Persons at Mangalla camp, Peter Mayen, the Humanitarian Minister revealed that they are planning to provide mobile clinics to the people but never mentioned when.

“We intend to provide mobile clinic, that will respond to the cases of malaria and other diseases that will arise within the camp, there are also a number of boreholes that will be put in place to ensure that people drink clean water”, said Mayen.

Bol Majok was spotted by Juba Monitor building a temporally house thresh with grass for his family because of the lack of tents.

“I am building this place so that my young brothers and sisters can have where to sleep instead of sleeping under the trees”, said Majok.

John Aliach, a community chief told the press that all the people need tents, water and food.

“What brought us here is the issue of water, we need tents, medicine and food for the population here”, said Aliach.

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