Major plans afoot to enhance training in MDI

Madam Irene Aya Lokang MDI Principal

By Atimaku Joan

Major plans afoot to enhance the training of students in Media Development Institute (MDI) as the new academic year approaches.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday in an exclusive interview, the Principal of MDI Irene Aya revealed that the institute is in the verge of developing the learning process of its students.

“These are equipment that can enhance our practical training of the students because journalism is a practical field so, we hope that these equipment would enhance our practical training and make it easy for us,” said Irene Aya.

 She explained that there has been a challenge of lack of gadgets to improvise all the students during practical hence sharing and leading to delay of work but they have been able to purchase some gadgets through Shejeh Salam (USAID) which included two video cameras, seven big still cameras, ten recorders, five hard drives among others.

She affirmed that they had other equipment before but the number was quite less to be shared by the students and that is why they had to opt for more.

She has revealed that the school would be able to have a diploma program in the next academic year which starts on September if approved by the government before the academic year of 2022.

She also stated that Photo Journalism would be introduced as a course once the diploma program kicks off because it has not been a course but rather done as a skill training.

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