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Machar’s forces cleared off Pagak in Maiwut-Governor

By Morris Dogga

The Governor of Maiwut State, Bol Ruach Rom yesterday said that government’s forces had flashed out forces loyal to the former first vice president Dr. Riek Machar whose headquarters was in Pagak within the State.

Adressing Journalists, Rom said from the the 8th of August this year up to now, the government was in full control of Pagak town.

He said most of the areas in Maiwut State especially Pagak was no more “ a rebel” area and there were no more activities related to rebels in the area.

“We are in control of the major towns, we flushed them out completely. As you know Pagak used to be their base and if they are flushed out of Pagak, where else do you think they will go, if we took over their base where you do think these people will be,” he said.

“So one cannot name a definite location where they are. They are nowhere to be seen. They might be under trees; who knows or they might have crossed too Ethiopia,” he remarked.

Juba Monitor could not verify the information from other sources.

According to the governor since the ceasefire was declared by President Salva Kiir early this year, the “rebels” had been doing what he called “some terrorists activities” by kidnaping foreigners and local oil workers who were in the oil fields.

He said the national government visited the State and made a lot of visit, including areas where the destructions by the forces allied to Dr. Machar took place.

Rom said when they entered Pagak, there was no resistance at all, “we did not fight anybody.”

The governor is in Juba to swear in his deputy.

Governor Rom further appealed to Maiwut citizens who are in the UNMISS PoCs sites to come out and join him in the development process of the state

“Now Maiwut is Liberated, you can get out from UNMISS, we will facilitate your flight to Pagak so that you go back and start your normal life,” he said.

Juba Monitor however could not independently verify the information.

After fighting erupted between the forces and those allied to the former first vice president, a power sharing government was formed, some of the state governors were appointed from the SPLM/IO and Maiwut was one state whose governor was appointed from the opposition.


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