Machar told MPs to prepare for elections

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The first vice president for governance clusters Dr Riek Machar Teny has  advised state ministers of parliamentary affairs  to read their constitutions and   prepare for elections.

Speaking during the three days’ workshop of the state parliamentarians, Machar advised the ministers to start reading their constitutions to prepare them for the upcoming election.

“Personally I normally move with someof the booksfor instants the Agreement, constitutional Amendment bill number6 and7, while the amendment bill number 8 and 9 will be reaching parliament soon because its already approved by the council of the ministers,

so whenever I am going to attendany government events I move with these books, so my advice is try having them and start reading, because you might be told one day to start drafting your own State constitutions especially that the election was approaching, “he said.

He alsotold the ministers not to depend on the government funds alone but to also further look for resources even through Non-Governmental organization (NGO)in orde rto strengthen the capacity of the Ministry and their staff.

“You shouldn’t relay on the government fund alone not because the government is not capable but because there are limited fund. Approach NGOs to support you and help you with funds, just like the Minister has done through UNMISS,” he added.

The Minister of parliamentary affairs Mary Nawai Martin said that the workshop was very important because it’s going to help the ministers to strengthen their relationships.

The three days’ workshop will end tomorrow and was to help ministers strengthen their relationship and build your capacity together, “she said.

The Ministry of parliamentary affairs is conducting a three days training for state ministers of parliamentary affairs including the to share knowledge and learn new skills from themselves by support from UNMISS.

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